About Joyce Simard

Selected by Provider Magazine as one of the “Top 20 to Watch in 2013“, Joyce Simard M.S.W. has more than 40 years of experience in health care settings as a social worker and dementia care specialist. She currently provides consulting services, staff education, and marketing events to skilled nursing facilities, assisted living and independent living communities.

Joyce has developed three programs to improve quality of life for people with dementia.  “The Memory Enhancement Program” for people in the early stage, The Club for nursing home residents in the middle stage of a dementing illness and Namaste Care for people in the advanced stage of dementia.

Ms. Simard received her undergraduate degree from Ithaca College in New York with honors, and her graduate degree from the University of Minnesota. She has been in the long-term care industry since 1978, working with large healthcare organizations providing services for nursing facilities and assisted living communities. Ms. Simard is recognized for developing innovative programs for people with all levels of memory loss.

Ms. Simard is known for bringing humor and a light touch to serious subjects, as she teaches through stories of real experiences from her more than 40 years in health care. Recognized as an international expert in Alzheimer’s care, Ms. Simard has been invited to speak throughout the United States as well as in Europe, Australia, and Asia for the past two decades.

Ms. Simard is author of a children’s book about aging and dementia, The Magic Tape Recorder (2007). This book is based on her experience teaching elementary school children how to be helpers for seniors with memory loss. She has also authored numerous scholarly articles and chapters on various issues regarding dementia.